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Tai spent her childhood in her grandmother’s village. She would wake up every morning to songs of the rooster she believed the most beautiful in the world. She says it was a wonderful creation of nature - an amazing voice, 8 cm spikes on graceful legs and two scallops on the head. The rooster could even fly over a 2 meter fence. There was a strong bond between Tai and the rooster. There was also a wonderful cherries’ garden around her grandmother’s little house. Buds blooming on the branches in early spring, and the opening flowers looked marvelous. The garden was covered with stunning whiteness lit by a blue, clear sky. Tai especially liked the view from the window of her bedroom on her bed of stylish Irises. The cherries were as beautiful as her aunt who planted them when she was a young girl. 

Tai remembers a song by Michael Krug which he sang about the green branches and early birds. She misses the sounds of little birds that filled the air in the orchard of cherry so much. She liked to sleep under the sky in summer and look at the sky full of stars. To her, it seemed like there was nothing more beautiful than this. They were like thousands of light bulbs lit up specifically for her and accompanied by the cricket lurking in the bushes. Tai loved animals from her childhood. She knows that her children miss all that she had, that’s why she’s conveying all the beauty through her sense of beauty, her art that filled her soul as a child.

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Leopard by Tai Prints


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