Four Times That Night


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Four Times That Night (Italian: Quante volte… quella notte) is a 1971 commedia sexy all’italiana film directed by Mario Bava.  Male model John Price encounters Tina Bryant while walking her poodle, “Cool Rump”, in a park. Although she initially resists his advances, they flirt after John accidentally trips over the dog, and agree to a date that evening. While picking her up, John is cautioned by Tina’s strict, widowed mother Sonia that her daughter is a Catholic and a virgin, and is not to be taken advantage of. After dancing at a discoteque, Tina becomes uncomfortable with John’s insistent leering, and the pair agree to return home. Early next morning, Tina returns to her mother’s apartment with her expensive mini-dress torn beyond repair. When Sonia questions her, Tina declares that John tried to rape her.

Release Date: August 1972

Running time: 83 minutes

Country: USA / Italy

Language: English / Italian

IMDB: 5.7/10


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Four Times That Night

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